George Clinical, formally Vector Oncology Pharma Services, is a leader in the design and delivery of care-based, real-world oncology research

George Clinical, incorporating the former Vector Oncology Pharma Services, is a leading provider of evidence in real world oncology data and research services throughout North America and the Asia-Pacific.

As a leader in the design and delivery of care-based, real-world oncology research. George Clinical has access to significant global investigator networks, experienced project teams, oncology experts and scientific leaders to design and deliver oncology trials with the latest immunotherapies to the highest scientific standards. By accessing some of the world’s most experienced medical, scientific and operational teams in oncology research, George Clinical is uniquely placed to meet the increasingly complex and specialized demands of modern oncology research, and as such demonstrating product value in terms of economic impact, clinical effectiveness and tolerability.

Exceptional Medical, Scientific and Operational Expertise Makes George Clinical an Ideal Partner for Clinical Trials throughout North America, the United States and the Asia-Pacific.

George Clinical has extensive experience in early and late-phase trials, health economics and outcomes research,. Our full services team comprises of scientific leaders, doctors, nurses, biostatisticians and trial management professionals that work together to ensure timely delivery of quality trial data on time and on budget.

George Clinical offers a unique combination of scientific leadership and operational capabilities to design and deliver studies for sponsors, for all trial phases, irrespective of complexity. George Clinical offers:

  • Full service clinical operations and capabilities with experience in the conduct of over 300 oncology studies;
  • A robust network of practicing medical oncologists with expertise across a range of tumour types, hematologic diseases and the latest immunotherapies, whom actively participate in the design and delivery of our early and late phase studies;
  • World-class Health Economics and Statistics scientific leaders with expertise in large, multi-regional datasets.

George Clinical’s extensive experience in oncology trials, provides sponsors with the confidence that your oncology trial will be delivered on time, on budget and to the highest scientific standards.

Our Expertise in Oncology services include:

Our clinical trial services in oncology clinical trials include:

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