George Clinical’s presence and investigator networks in the Asia-Pacific make us ideally suited to successfully deliver trials in oncology throughout the region.

George Clinical has spent many years developing enviable investigator networks across the world’s most populous region .George Clinical has embarked on a campaign to utilise these networks (which span across a variety of therapeutic disciplines) to significantly enhance the quantity and quality of data generated across a broad spectrum of oncology related studies.

Through George Clinical’s scientific leadership in various therapeutic areas, we can access investigator networks in cancers such as (for example) childhood cancers, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer, multi-site/multi-regional epidemiological studies, renal cancers, stomach and espohegal cancer, eye cancer, endocrine cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer, head and neck cancers (to name a few).

Our clinical trial services in oncology clinical trials include:

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