George Clinical has established a reputation as the clinical research organisation of choice for developing new strategies into the prevention of renal disease. George Clinical has unparalleled access to global scientific leaders and investigators in renal health who support successful implementation of trials to the highest scientific standard.

George Clinical’s scientific expertise is derived from esteemed researchers with a track record of developing new strategies for the prevention of renal disease, in particular by targeting their primary risk factors such as high blood pressure and diabetes. George Clinical leverage this in-depth knowledge and prominence in the renal field to design effective studies and accelerate recruitment. George Clinical aims to make an impact with all its trials and as such generates strong clinical evidence for new therapies and devices.

Some of George Clinical’s success in renal studies include:

  • The largest trial ever conducted in severe acute renal failure. Having recruited 1,508 participants in 35 intensive care units, the study demonstrated the lack of effect of intensive dialysis on 90 day mortality.
  • A trial randomising participants with end stage kidney failure to either standard dialysis or extended hour dialysis and assessing the impact on quality of life and other important clinical outcomes.
  • A large scale trial, recruiting 8,600 patients, developed in partnership with the Veterans Administration (USA) to provide definitive evidence for the effects of 2 commonly used agents upon the risk of patient harm following angiographic procedures.
  • The ongoing 45 And Up Study, a large-scale cohort study that recruited more than 250,000 New South Wales (Australia) residents aged 45 years and older (representing 10% of the population in that age bracket). The study will examine the complete disease pathway for people with diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).
  • A number of multi-country trials with global pharmaceutical companies investigating renal outcomes in diabetic kidney disease
  • The SHARP study evaluated whether lowering cholesterol in patients with kidney disease affected their risk of having a heart attack, stroke or death. It involved more than 9,000 patients with lower than normal kidney function (chronic kidney disease) in 380 hospitals across 18 countries around the world.

Our clinical trial services in renal health include:

George Clinical operates globally and has over 181 sites across: Australia, China, India, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, and Taiwan.

With over 63,000 renal subjects to date, our site network is one of the strongest in Asia.

11 countries and 181 sites

Our site network is one of the strongest in North Asia.

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