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George Clinical is a leading clinical contract research organisation company in Asia with over 300 global staff. George Clinical provides the full range of clinical trial services to pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech customers, for all trial phases, registration and post-marketing trials. George Clinical combines scientific and clinical leadership with expert trial delivery capability to create a distinctive world-class service CRO.


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George Clinical’s parent organization, The George Institute for Global Health, is a leader in chronic disease research, with a global network of experts with whom George Clinical engages. Together we provide an operationally supported, internationally recognized scientific leadership service, bringing together an extensive series of investigator networks, which allows George Clinical to provide customizable clinical trial excellence from trial design through all aspects of delivery.

Expert clinical research services

As clinical trial costs and complexities escalate, George Clinical provides customers with innovative solutions to access patient populations; ensuring that their clinical trials have an impact for clinicians and patients.

George Clinical’s multi-disciplined experts develop creative solutions to reduce sponsor R&D costs while maintaining the highest scientific integrity.

Research Networks

Our relationship with our networks differs from traditional CRO models. Click here to see how.

George Clinical is able to provide one or all of a full range of clinical contract research services to meet individual customer needs:

Who is George Clinical? – Marisa Petersen

Video Transcript

Tell us, who is George Clinical? 0:05 – 0:24

George Clinical is a full service CRO that has a unique set of experience and also footprint in the Asia-Pacific region. We include India in the Asia-Pacific region because traditionally it has been one of our largest and most successfully units in the business.

How is George Clinical different from their competitors? 0:25 – 1:07

Apart from our extensive Asia-Pacific expertise and the fact that we have over 260 people devoted to delivering across the Asia-Pacific region, our relationship with our parent organisation, The George Institute for Global Health, sets us apart from other CROs. The George Institute is a not for profit medical research institute that has been conducting clinical research in the region for over 20 years and has over 400 clinician researchers who we can leverage to add value to our clinical trial delivery.

What does Scientific Leadership add to a clinical trial? 1:08 – 2:00

Scientific Leadership is an offering that we have in George Clinical that is quite different, I think, to any other CRO. All studies have clinical leaders, we know that, but the relationship between the researchers and the sites that we involve in our region is quite different. We engage the scientific leaders from the start of the study, study design, selection of sites and motivation throughout the study. This enables us to continue to engage with the sites on a peer to peer level between those scientific leaders and the investigators; it has benefits in terms of patient recruitment and patient retention, and we believe this something that really differentiates us.

Why conduct a clinical trial in Asia? 2:02 – 2:57

I have one short answer to that and that is, why not. Leaving Asia-Pacific out of clinical trials, leaves out half of the world’s population. This is a population that offers both Caucasian and Asian ethnic groups. It offers some naïve patients, naïve to the treatments that may be being tested or are required for the inclusion criteria. There are world class facilities across Asia and now there’s 15 years of experience in conducting clinical trials. The data from FDA and EMA would suggest that the quality of the data coming out of Asia now is as good, if not better than the quality of the data coming from the mature markets.

How can we find out more about George Clinical? 2:58 – 3:17

Well I would suggest that looking at our website would be a really good start, there are some great case studies there and more information about what we do and where we do it and on that website you can contact us via email or in fact through a direct call.