George Clinical’s operational staff have a wealth of experience conducting clinical research trials globally and, in particular, across the Asia-Pacific. George Clinical’s management team is drawn from large pharmaceutical companies and global contract research organisations. The George Clinical team’s experience spans all major therapeutic areas and all phases of clinical research.

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Therapeutic Expertise

George Clinical engages with scientific leaders from a broad range of therapeutic disciplines. George Clinical’s scientific leaders are highly respected leaders in their field and are regularly called upon by global policy makers in the formulation of best policy and the delivery of best practice. As such, George Clinical offers a clinical trial service of the highest scientific calibre.

George Clinical provide scientific expertise in the following therapeutic areas:

Global Locations

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia; George Clinical is located in China, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and the United States. We provide services in the majority of countries in the Asia-Pacific region including Japan, Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand and Indonesia.

Our subsidiaries in the UK and USA enable us to work effectively with our customers in Europe and North America; providing commercial and operational leadership, supported as needed by insourced operations staff. For large global studies, we offer solutions that includes carefully selected partners in Europe and North America. Using this model, we have delivered an impressive array of large global outcomes studies.

For more information regarding our global Geographic Locations see here.

Research Networks

The relationship we have with our investigator networks sets us apart from traditional CRO models, due to our engagement with internationally recognised clinical leaders and our emphasis on scientific leadership.

For further details regarding our extensive investigator networks, under each therapeutic area, please see:

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