Early Phase Research (Phase I-II)

A successful trial begins with a solid foundation that focuses on site selection and strategies to achieve maximum enrollment. George Clinical utilizes their scientific leaders, world-leading experts in chronic disease and oncology, to assist in the recruitment of key investigators for complex, early-phase programs.

George Clinical’s focus on peer-to-peer interaction allows for a clearer understanding of our programs, allowing earlier buy-in and commitment. George Clinical offers a full range of services for Phase I-II clinical trials including study design, protocol development, medical oversight from practicing clinicians, site monitoring, regulatory affairs, database development, and statistics and data management.

In the USA, George Clinical has access to a proprietary technology tool, Site Tracking and Recruitment (STAR) that automates the site feasibility process by matching investigators from our database of 700 community and academic sites with trial-specific requirements. This technology combined with George Clinical‘s site start up expertise and project leadership provides the foundation necessary to achieve trial objectives.

George Clinical is headquartered in Australia and has considerable experience managing studies at excellent Phase I Units in Australia, utilizing the streamline regulatory notification scheme and advising on the generous tax refund available for R&D activities.

George Clinical also has an extensive network of Phase I units throughout Asia. Contact us today to find out more.

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