George Clinical – CRO China

George Clinical – CRO China

China is George Clinical’s largest hub outside the head office of Sydney, offering full CRO services and a site network that spans the country. With its large potential for patient recruitment and a rapidly growing pharmaceutical market, China – currently, the second largest in the world, is an obvious choice for many when entering the […]

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July 5th, 2016

George Clinical – CRO India

George Clinical’s long history in the sub-continent includes extensive experience working in both urban and rural areas of India. With more than 500 sites and 1.4 billion people – including a vast treatment-naïve population and clinical development cost far lower than Western countries – India is an ideal destination for clinical trials. Many sites also […]

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July 4th, 2016

George Clinical – CRO Hong Kong

Hong Kong is George Clinical’s East Asia hub, overseeing our operations in Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Hong Kong has a long history of international research with sophisticated infrastructure and resources across all phases. A small, densely populated area, Hong Kong’s world-class hospitals offer excellent recruitment potential. Hong Kong has […]

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July 3rd, 2016

George Clinical – CRO Taiwan

Taiwan is one of George Clinical’s fastest-growing Asian hubs.  With a strong growth market for drug development, a dense population, and a universal healthcare system, Taiwan is an ideal location for clinical trials. George Clinical’s on-the-ground clinical team leader oversees a number of our CRAs and CTAs in delivering customer projects across Taiwan. The Center […]

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July 2nd, 2016

George Clinical – CRO Malaysia

Malaysia is George Clinical’s Southeast Asian hub, where we cover neighboring countries of Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines – accessing a population of almost 400 million multi-ethnic people. Singapore is a recognized destination for clinical trials, yet other countries are fast emerging as more governments commit to streamlining their clinical research industry. Malaysia implements a […]

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July 1st, 2016

George Clinical – CRO Japan

Japan remains the largest market for clinical trials in the Asia-Pacific region and is an important country for conduct of both global and local studies for product regsitration. The regulatory system has undergone significant changes in recent years with a greater acceptance of overseas data and clarity around the regulatory framework in Japan has also […]

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February 26th, 2016

George Clinical – CRO South Korea

South Korea is a recognized hub for clinical research in the Asia Pacific region, with more clinical trials recorded than any other Asian country between 2001 and 2017. There are many government support structures for conducting research in Korea. This, coupled with a sophisticated infrastructure, a large population and a market size of approximately USD […]

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November 23rd, 2015

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