Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement

George Clinical (UK) Limited, a private limited company incorporated and registered at Companies House, Cardiff, is wholly owned subsidiary of George Clinical Pty Ltd, registered in Australia.  

George Clinical Pty Ltd and its affiliated companies and subsidiaries (together George Clinical) aims to conduct its operations with integrity, credibility, social responsibility and accountability. 

George Clinical is committed to:

  • ensuring there is no slavery or human trafficking in our supply chains or business activity
  • creating and maintaining transparency
  • ongoing awareness and responsiveness to the risk of slavery or human trafficking in our supply chains or our business activity.

Business Structure

George Clinical is a leading global clinical research organization founded in Asia-Pacific driven by scientific expertise and operational excellence. We have more than 400 people in 39 geographical locations throughout the Asia-Pacific region, UK, USA, and Europe.  George Clinical Pty Ltd comprises a number of subsidiaries including George Clinical (UK) Limited. 

George Clinical’s mission is to improve the health of millions of people worldwide through clinical research supported by global service delivery, world-class scientific leadership and therapeutic specialities.

George Clinical provides the full range of clinical trial services to biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic customers, for all trial phases, registration and post-marketing trials.

Risk Assessment

George Clinical has assessed the risks that may arise under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (UK) in its supply chain and business activities. 

While George Clinical operates in multiple jurisdictions, we believe that the risk of modern slavery or human trafficking in our business activities or supply chains is low.  George Clinical complies with all employment and social security laws in its business activities.  

Our employees and contractors are predominantly skilled professionals with scientific, medical or other professional training who are not generally considered a class of persons at high risk of modern slavery or human trafficking.

Modern slavery or human trafficking is not tolerated and George Clinical has full visibility and management control of its business activities. 

Contracts with supply chain partners require suppliers to comply with all relevant laws and George Clinical retains termination rights if partners breach these requirements. 


Code of Conduct
All George Clinical employees, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and other associates (‘staff’) are required to comply with the Code of Conduct (‘Code’) in respect of their activities relating to or impacting upon George Clinical. 

The Code articulates George Clinical’s Values – Mutuality, Integrity, Can-Do, Excellence and Empowerment – and the expectations of conduct in accordance with these values.  Responsible practice is a key component of the Code. 

Staff are required to understand and comply with the Code, and identify concerns of non-compliance to be reported to management. Failure to comply with the Code may give rise to disciplinary action including termination of employment or contracts of engagement.

The Code includes a commitment to combatting modern slavery and human trafficking in business activities and supply chains, and upholding George Clinical’s Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy.

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy
George Clinical’s Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy (‘the Policy’) details the commitment to respecting and supporting human rights in preventing, identifying and combatting modern slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chains. 

The Policy reminds Staff that the prevention, detection and reporting of modern slavery and human trafficking is the responsibility for all employees and our contracted third parties. 

Training Provided 

All employees are required to:

  • complete induction training upon commencement of their employment which includes the Code of Conduct and Modern Slavery Policy
  • undertake annual reviews of the Code of Conduct
  • undertake ad hoc training on changes to the Modern Slavery Policy

Consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and other associates are provided with a copy of the Code upon commencement. 

This statement is made by George Clinical including George Clinical (UK) Limited, pursuant to section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act of 2014.  It covers the financial year ending 30 June 2022 and was approved by the Board of Directors of George Clinical Pty Ltd on 15 December 2022. 


James Cheong
Chief Executive Officer
George Clinical Pty Ltd


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