George Clinical welcomes the recognition of Professor Craig Anderson as profiled in the premier medical journal The Lancet which identified him as “a front runner in stroke research”.

“It is our engagement with scientific leaders, such as Professor Anderson, that sets George Clinical apart from other CROs,” said Philip Gregory, Managing Director, China. “The Lancet profile is due recognition of Craig’s commitment to stroke research over the last 20 years. George Clinical has collaborated with Craig on both his own research projects and on sponsored clinical trials allowing us to deliver the best science, service delivery and pragmatic trial solutions for our clients.”

“We’ve made big strides in therapeutic approaches in terms of prevention and acute treatment [of stroke], and to a certain extent around rehabilitation, and they’re becoming part of standard care, so the advances in the future will be incremental,” Dr. Anderson said.

George Clinical has worked with Anderson on some of his landmark investigator initiated trials in China and other countries including the INTERACT and ENCHANTED trials, as well as a number of commercial trials.

Anderson holds specialist qualifications in clinical neurology and geriatrics, a PhD in medicine and epidemiology from The University of Western Australia, and is a Senior Principal Research Fellow of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia. He has published widely on the clinical and epidemiological aspects of stroke, cardiovascular disease and aged care, and has led several large-scale investigator-initiated epidemiological and clinical trials that have had a major influence on clinical practice guidelines for stroke treatment and prevention.

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