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You can browse our broad collection of renal-related case studies by visiting our Case Studies page today. Or see below to download a few noteworthy case studies. Some highlights of George Clinical’s extensive experience include:

  • Largest IgAN Study in the World

    TESTING, the largest IgA nephropathy RCT in the world to date, randomized more than 500 patients and provided critical data and guidance on the net benefit or harm of corticosteroid therapy in IgA nephropathy. The Phase III results lead the way for future trials to assess the development of safer treatment regimens.

  • International Oral Treatment Study

    A George Clinical renal team provided global scientific leadership and oversight including 51 national leaders in a Phase III multi-trial, multi-year study of a potential new oral treatment for both dialysis and non-dialysis patients with CKD associated anemia, enrolling more than 8,000 patients in more than 40 countries and lasting more than four years.

  • Ground-Breaking IgA Studies

    The organization was recently involved in multiple Phase II/III IgA nephropathy trials across more than 50 countries in APAC, EMEA and North and South America involving more than 3,000 patients in studies testing new drugs to potentially give more targeted and less toxic treatment options.

  • Rare Diseases Studies in Motion

    Functional teams are currently involved in Phase III rare kidney disease studies and innovative trial designs including basket and adaptive approaches providing a platform for assessing multiple interventions to help increase numbers of trials and speed development of tailored effective therapies for small subgroups such as FSGS, membranous nephropathy or C3G patients.

  • CKD Non-Diabetic Studies

    Providing scientific leadership as well as operations in multiple global CKD studies across APAC, EMEA and the Americas, George Clinical addresses aspects such as fluid and metabolic imbalances and anemia for both diabetic and non-diabetic patients and supporting the development of novel therapies to slow or prevent end stage kidney disease.

Download Case Study: George Clinical Brings Robust Retention Strategy and Tactics to Global Rare Renal Disease Studies (FSGS / IgAN)

Download Case Study: Global and National Scientific Leadership Helps Move Potential Breakthrough CKD Anemia Treatment Forward (CKD)

Download Case Study: Scientific Leadership Model Proves Critical to Meeting Recruitment Targets in Atypical Phase I Study of a New Renal Drug (CKD)

George Clinical: The Clinical Research Organization of Choice to Conduct Renal Trials

Facilitated by a kidney site network considered to be one of the strongest in the world, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, George Clinical owns an enviable position as a trusted partner in kidney and metabolic clinical research around the globe.  Our scientific expertise collaborates with sponsors to develop new strategies for the prevention and management of renal and metabolic disease specifically including dialysis, chronic kidney disease (CKD), focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), diabetic kidney disease, acute kidney injury and IgA nephropathy as well as the utility of genetics in drug development and discovery.

How does George Clinical set the standard in kidney and metabolic trials?

George Clinical leverages the in-depth expertise of our scientific leadership to design effective studies, select the best sites from more than 20 countries internationally and accelerate recruitment. Our scientific leaders generate strong evidence to implement real change in treatments, clinical practice and policy.

What are we doing to continually improve studies?

  • Sponsors markedly benefit by collaborating with us from the earliest stages envisioning a trial to the final detailed meta-analysis and clinical conclusions
  • Aligning with a veteran CRO partner such George Clinical versed in everything from protocol design, site analysis, project management and regulatory compliance reduces both the time to initiate and complete studies as well as the risk of disruption or study failure
  • Continuing to advance clinical research methods in this space, George Clinical launched the Global Kidney Patients Trials Network to improve sponsor’s path to market while reducing overall study cost
  • By bringing patients, established sites, sponsors and trials closer together, GKPTN strengthens the global kidney disease research community’s capacity to facilitate more rapid translation of new interventions from research into practice

What should a sponsor expect from working with us?

Working with George Clinical means studies activate quicker, recruit thoroughly, and meet or exceed budgetary expectations through the continuous support of dedicated, regionally savvy, cross-functional teams.

How do we efficiently help make renal trials a reality? We facilitate:

  • Scientific leadership
  • Advisory boards and designing protocols
  • Selecting best possible clinical sites and reference requirements for various global environments
  • Statistical analysis and data management
  • Safety, quality and pharmacovigilance
  • Regional regulatory interfaces and endpoint adjudication


Unparalleled Kidney Research Experience

George Clinical has earned a reputation as the leading kidney and metabolic CRO through a broad resume of landmark studies. 

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