Real World Evidence (RWE) Research and Observational Trials

George Clinical manages numerous real-world evidence studies in various therapeutic areas.

Real World Evidence (RWE) Research and Observational Trials

George Clinical are experts at helping sponsors balance the complex demands associated with real-world “evidence” or late-phase trials – protecting patient safety, designing clinically relevant studies, implementing simplified study techniques, building exposure to best practice and producing evidence to maximize commercial opportunities.

George Clinical’s vast experience implementing these studies and its enviable global investigator networks place them as a leading Real World Evidence CRO. George Clinical has embarked on a campaign to utilize their networks (which span across a variety of therapeutic disciplines) to significantly enhance the quantity and quality of data generated across a broad spectrum of therapy areas and real-world evidence studies. The flexible nature of their operational delivery team, straightforward techniques used on the study, and depth of their experienced scientific leadership makes George Clinical the optimal place for your next RWE program.

George Clinical has built and led over 100 global late-stage and RWE trials in 15+ years. Our scientific leaders have published RWE articles in the world’s leading medical journals. Our RWE trial solutions and complementary cutting-edge technologies make George Clinical the ideal partner for high-impact real-world studies.

Site Selection for Real World Evidence Investigators:

George Clinical manages numerous real-world evidence studies in various therapeutic areas. This contributes to how and what sites are selected for individual studies.

A comprehensive review at the site level is conducted. The opportunity is led by the operational team in conjunction with therapeutic experts from George Clinical’s Scientific Leadership and medical team. Sites are selected based on demonstrated quality and recruitment performance in previous studies and current competing studies.

Key Areas of Investigation:

  • Patient referral pathways
  • Number of cases/diagnoses seen in clinics
  • Standard treatment of disease in question
  • Potential competing studies by country
  • Site-specific start up timelines

George Clinical further enhances site selection activities through the implementation of our scientific leadership model.  This model involves the use of our vast network of connections and relationships within the global scientific community who then assist with the development of the site list and provide ongoing feedback during the feasibility process to refine this list. This model when fully implemented serves to ensure that only the best sites are identified and recruited for each and every study.

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