Medlab Clinical, a company with a portfolio of novel drug candidates including cannabinoids and nutraceuticals, enhanced by its drug delivery platform and used for the treatment of chronic pain and disease, announced that it has signed an agreement with George Clinical to provide clinical services support for Medlab’s upcoming NanaBis™ Phase III trials. The Phase III trials follow the successful NanaBis™ Phase I/II study completed at Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) earlier this year. 

George Clinical will partner with Medlab to provide site selection and feasibility, trial recruitment and ongoing site management for US trial sites of NanaBis™. Additionally, George Clinical will implement the data service for all Phase III sites, including compliance, recording, storage and datamining. The Phase III trials are important in the NanaBis™ development program and will see Medlab progress towards regulatory clearance and the filing of an Investigational New Drug Application with the US Food and Drug Administration. 

 “George Clinical is very pleased to partner with Medlab Clinical in their global Phase III study on NanaBis™ for the relief of Cancer-Induced Bone Pain.  We will leverage our unique value proposition that combines scientific expertise with operational excellence, our strength in oncology clinical trials and our global reach to ensure the successful delivery of this important study in order that NanaBis™ can reach the hands of cancer patients sooner than later,”  said James Cheong, CEO of George Clinical.

Sean Hall, CEO Medlab said, “We are pleased to take another important step toward initiating our phase III trial for the treatment of cancer-induced bone pain with the ultimate goal of achieving drug registration for NanaBis™. George Clinical is one of the leading global CROs and we look forward to working together to progress towards commencing the Phase III trial.” 

Medlab Clinical is an Australian based medical life science company, developing therapeutic pathways for diagnosed chronic diseases. It is advanced in developing therapies for pain management, depression and obesity as well as earning revenue from sale of nutritional products in Australia and the United States.