When it comes to jobs in healthcare, working in the field of clinical research can be exciting and rewarding. There are many different opportunities available in the healthcare job field. If you are looking for a job in healthcare, consider looking into working into a clinical research company and look into the variety of opportunities that are available. As with many companies in the medical field, not all the jobs are medically related. In addition to jobs like research assistant, project managers, scientists, and doctors, there are also positions available in administration, IT, and office support.

Why Clinical Research?

The clinical research industry is vast, but even more than that, this field allows you to do some work that will help health care on a global scale. Currently, five billion people in the world do not have reliable access to the essential health care they desperately need. Heart attack and stroke are the world’s leading cause of death. Over the next 10 years, 100 million people will die from chronic diseases before their 60th birthday plus 20 million people will die from road injuries. Clinical research studies help improve healthcare and cause awareness across the industry and help people live longer, healthier lives.

About George Clinical:

George Clinical, a leading contract research organisation (CRO) in Asia, is The George Institute for Global Health’s first and largest commercial enterprise. Since 2007, George Clinical has developed as an independent and highly-regarded CRO in Asia and expanding to other countries including the UK, Europe, and America. To include business development and project oversight functions in the UK, EU and USA. George Clinical is headquartered in Sydney, Australia with operational hubs in ten countries. George Clinical delivers the full-range of clinical trial services across all trial phases and in a variety of therapeutic specializations. Some of the fields of trials conducted include oncology; medical devices; renal disease and endocrinology; respiratory and cardiovascular health; and a broad range of neurological disorders, including stroke and dementia. George Clinical have provided their services to dozens of global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies of various sizes. Indeed, George Clinical has contributed directly to several landmark clinical trials, the results of which have changed clinical practice.

The Future of Clinical Research is Bright

In addition to all of the great work that clinical researchers are able to do around the world, is the bright outlook for the future of clinical research. Clinical studies no longer need a clinic for every type of study. The increases in technology with digital applications, wearables and connected devices with the Internet of Things have made it possible for clinical research to reach new heights because the number of participants that digital makes possible. Last year, Apple Watch launches with an application called The Research Kit and it has made a huge difference in clinical trials. Apple Watch users can download clinical trial applications and can anonymously collect data. Almost instantly, millions of people can learn about and opt in to clinical trials. This also makes a big difference in the data collected because it comes from a much wider population base.

One developer using The Research Kit for a Parkinson’s study had over 7,400 participants enrolled after just six hours; prior to that, the largest total study only had 1,700 participants. Another reason why the future of clinical research is so bright is the increasing popularity of food and health applications. More people are taking their health care into their own hands, quite literally because they are using health apps on their smart phones. These applications give them constant reminders to track their meals, eat healthy, and monitor other health metrics.