George Clinical has access to the largest clinical networks of diabetes investigators in the Asia-Pacific region.

By 2035, China and India are expected to have 241.7 million diabetes patients collectively. George Clinical has established a significant presence throughout the Asia-Pacific, and a large volume of our work in this region is composed of diabetes studies.

At The George Institute for Global Health, parent organisation of George Clinical, the diabetes research program focuses on epidemiology, treatment, behaviour change, health care systems, and health economics. George Clinical delivers a full range of clinical trial services under the diabetes therapeutic area. These services include:

Diabetes in China

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George Clinical has one of the largest networks of diabetes investigators in the Asia-Pacific region, with exceptional depth in China and India. For example, over 25,000 patients have been recruited into the Institute’s diabetes projects in China alone within a five year period.

George Clinical has leveraged this in-depth knowledge and prominence in the diabetes field to design highly impactful studies and to accelerate recruitment. Our trial designs assist customers in identifying and meeting the needs of stakeholders in this area, thus improving the relevance of their product to the community.

Our Investigators are found in over 20 countries and 129 sites

Our diabetes network has been built upon large scale registration and policy studies, often with high inter-departmental collaboration between cardiovascular, endocrinology and renal departments.