Sydney, Australia, April 24, 2019 – EPS International Holdings Co., Ltd. (HQ: Tokyo, Japan; Representative Director and President: Hisashi Tanaka; “EPSI” hereafter) and George Clinical Pty Ltd (HQ: Sydney, Australia; Executive Chairman: Glenn Kerkhof; “George Clinical” hereafter) announced today that they have reached an agreement on a strategic partnership that will enhance their combined service offerings in Asia-Pacific, the world’s most populous region, as well as worldwide for their respective clients.

“EPSI aims to become the best partner for global expansion of pharmaceutical or medical device development focused on Asia-Pacific, “ Dr. Hisashi Tanaka, Representative Director and CEO of EPS International said. “I am so excited with this strategic partnership between George Clinical and EPSI since it enables EPSI to provide our clients with further value-added services.  We will create more robust capabilities when it comes to quality service provision in Asia-Pacific countries as we leverage George Clinical’s excellent scientific leadership and extensive global investigator networks.”

“The partnership with EPSI enables George Clinical to manage high quality clinical trials across the entire Asia-Pacific region, including Japan, the third largest pharmaceutical market in the world,” said Glenn Kerkhof, Executive Chairman of George Clinical.  “George Clinical was one of the first organizations to truly embrace the opportunities of conducting clinical trials across the Asia-Pacific region. As the region has developed into a sophisticated and desirable clinical trial location, so too has George Clinical developed into a highly-adaptable and scientifically led CRO, both regionally and globally. With the addition of EPSI’s leading service provision in Japan, we will further enhance our customer experience while pursuing our strategic growth objectives to be a leading CRO partner in the region, providing global capabilities, and extending our ability to deliver early and late phase operational expertise deeper into Asia-Pacific.”

The strategic partnership will see EPSI deliver clinical trial services for George Clinical clients in Japan. George Clinical will provide clinical trial services for EPSI and its Japanese customers across Asia, the United States and Europe. In Asia, both companies will come together to provide a seamless operating capability for clinical trials across the Asia-Pacific region with the exception of China where both EPSI and George Clinical will maintain an independent operating presence.

EPSI will continue to focus on creating new services which contribute to the advancement of the healthcare industry supporting the George Clinical mission of improving the health of millions of people worldwide through world-class scientific leadership and therapeutic strengths.


About EPS International

Since its establishment in 1991 as a pioneering CRO, EPS Group has been a Healthcare Solution Provider to pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, hospitals and clinics, and academia with various solutions from development to marketing, sales, consultation covering Asia centered in China and new values created in big data & AI, regenerative medicine, etc.  The strength of EPSI lies in the fact that it has the greatest presence in Japan. In Asia, the company has multiple overseas offices and has focused particularly on solidifying its sites in the respective Asian countries, providing clinical development support services as well as SMO services.

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About George Clinical

George Clinical is a leading independent Asia-Pacific and US-based clinical research organisation (CRO) with global capabilities differentiated by scientific leadership, innovation and extensive investigator networks. With 20 years of experience and staff operating in 16 countries, and with significant operations in the USA, China, India and the broader Asia Pacific region, George Clinical provides the full range of clinical trial services to biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic customers, for all trial phases, registration and post-marketing trials.

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