Who is George Clinical?

Founded in Asia-Pacific and driven by scientific expertise and operational excellence, George Clinical is a leading, global clinical research organization with over 20 years of experience. We proudly employ over 500 experienced people in 40 locations who can manage clinical trials in up to 70 geographies throughout the Asia-Pacific region, North America and Europe. George Clinical provides the full range of clinical trial services to biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic customers, for all phases, registration and post-marketing trials.



500+ people in 15 global offices



20+ years managing phase I-IV clinical trials



300,000+ patients globally



500+ global studies completed



40 geographic locations covered

We have Scientific Leaders all over the world.

George Clinical

George Clinical is a contract research organization that engages some of the world’s most distinguished scientific expertise in chronic disease. Our reputation in research differentiates us from conventional contract research organizations. We leverage our scientific leadership to establish and maintain engagement of unique investigator networks.

Kidney & Metabolic

George Clinical’s scientific expertise is derived from esteemed researchers with a track record in developing new treatment strategies for renal disease across diverse populations. George Clinical leverages this expertise and prominence in the renal field to design effective studies and accelerate recruitment. George Clinical aims to make an impact with all its trials and as such generates strong clinical evidence for new therapies and devices.


As a leader in the design and delivery of care-based, oncology research, George Clinical has access to significant global investigator networks, experienced project teams, oncology experts, and scientific leaders to design and deliver oncology trials with the latest immunotherapies to the highest scientific standards.


George Clinical’s scientific leadership is primarily focused on developing new strategies for the prevention of heart diseases by targeting their primary risk factors such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, through drug and device interventions.


George Clinical’s scientific expertise is derived from esteemed researchers with a track record of developing new strategies for the prevention of renal disease, in particular by targeting their primary risk factors such as high blood pressure and diabetes.


George Clinical provides a broad range of clinical research services, including global scientific leadership, for studies into the world’s most prevalent airway diseases, including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


George Clinical has expertise in disorders that affect the brain, such as stroke, epilepsy, dementia, and sleep apnea. George Clinical’s neurological investigator networks have been cultivated over many years by participating in some of the world’s largest clinical neurology research trials, one of which is the largest ever study in acute ischemic stroke.

Real World Evidence (RWE)

George Clinical are experts at helping sponsors balance the complex demands associated with real-world “evidence” or late-phase trials – protecting patient safety, designing clinically relevant studies, implementing simplified study techniques, building exposure to best practice and producing evidence to maximize commercial opportunities.

Medical Devices

George Clinical delivers an exceptional value proposition for the discerning sponsor looking to conduct clinical trials affordably and to the highest scientific standards. The Asia-Pacific, the most populous region on Earth, presents an exciting opportunity to medical device companies looking to trial their products in a diversity of markets and populations.

The George Clinical Difference

A leading global clinical research organization. We provide global trial research services from start to finish.

George Clinical offers scientific leadership in kidney & metabolic, oncology, neuroscience, cardiovascular, endocrinology and respiratory clinical research.

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George Clinical, founded in APAC offers a deep knowledge of the region combined with the ability to deliver full service clinical trials capabilities and technology globally.

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George Clinical provides a unique model utilizing an academic and scientific approach with access to a large team of therapeutic area experts.

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