Citeline has named George Clinical as a finalist for their 2021 Clinical Research Team of the Year.  Citeline, a comprehensive global R&D intelligence firm provides insights into the global clinical trial landscape and the development of clinical trial programs, selected the DARE-19 team of George Clinical based on their compelling international accomplishments during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This award recognizes the clinical research teams who have made significant contributions in advancing a new therapy through one or more clinical phases.  “The judges look to reward the high-performing team that has been most successful in reaching its goals, adopted effective working practices, achieved major milestones within expected timelines, and contributed to the advancement of new therapies,” according to Pharma Intelligence.

“What an amazing honor and what an amazing acknowledgement of our company and the DARE-19 study team, along with all the other George Clinical study teams who picked up other work so the DARE-19 team could fully focus on helping provide study patients with COVID-19 the safest and most aggressive treatment possible to help save their lives,” stated CEO James Cheong.   “We are so proud of our team members and thankful for the amazing leadership, dedicated staff and their ability to help out in a time of crisis.”

Mikhail N. Kosiborod, MD, a member of George Clinical’s scientific leadership was the principal investigator of DARE-19.  The study was an international Phase III trial in 1,250 patients evaluating the efficacy and safety of Farxiga in addition to background local standard of care therapy in adults who are hospitalized with COVID-19 at the time of trial enrollment. Patients enrolled in DARE-19 also had a medical history of hypertension, type-2 diabetes (T2D), atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, heart failure (HF) or chronic kidney disease (CKD) Stages 3-4 and received Farxiga or placebo for 30 days. The trial was conducted in collaboration with Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute, the global sponsor, and George Clinical, a global contract research organization.

The award will be presented in April 2022.