George Clinical in China recently celebrated its second anniversary as an independent entity in China. Although George Clinical has been conducting Phase 11 to Phase IV studies in China for over 8 years, previously it was incorporated into The George Institute in China – but now operates as a separate legal entity.
The last two years have seen significant growth for George Clinical which now has over 50 staff – many of them engaged in clinical research activities for sponsors. With a stable and growing workforce, George Clinical in China has recently initiated two global Phase III studies in diabetes, one of its core research areas and completed a Phase III registration study ahead of schedule in oncology pain management.
The scope of services offered in China has also increased and we now have an experienced regulatory team who are abreast of the significant changes occurring in the CFDA, in addition to full data management and statistics services.

George Clinical still has access to the scientific leaders in The George Institute giving clients a unique mix of high quality trial delivery combined with scientific expertise to ensure that your trials achieve both quality and impact.