TGI AR Cover shot WebWe had a great year at The George Institute for Global Health in 2012-2013. This annual report outlines our continued focus on the need for Big Change in healthcare delivery around the world and describes the many ways in which The George is contributing to this change.

George Clinical is the clinical trial delivery arm for The George Institute, conducting both Institute led studies and clinical trials for commercial sponsors. All of our profits contribute to and support the research activities of The George Institute. In 2013, George Clinical has contributed $3.5million towards The George’s mission for change.

Big Change in healthcare

Every country and every community struggles with providing the healthcare needed for its populations. Delivering quality healthcare affordably and effectively requires innovation, evidence and implementation. That’s where The George comes in. Our mission is to help improve the health of millions of people worldwide, through undertaking innovative research and ensuring implementation of the best evidence.

Driving Big Change

We focus on the world’s leading causes of death and disability, especially common chronic diseases and injury, and ask the big questions that will help us drive change. As a result, The George has again been ranked among the top 10 research institutions in the world for scientific impact.

In the clinical trial space, the need for industry and independent researchers to collaborate in delivering change has never been greater. We invite you to have a read and consider how together we can bring the change we need into the work we do and the communities we live in.

Marisa Petersen

Marisa Petersen
Chief Executive Officer
George Clinical

Vlado Perkovic, Executive Director The George Institute Australia

Vlado Perkovic
Executive Director
The George Institute Australia