The ASCEND program assessing the efficacy and safety of daprodustat for the treatment of anemia due to CKD across the CKD disease course is comprised of five Phase III studies. The program has enrolled over 8,000 patients who were treated for up to 4.26 years and spanned more than 35 countries.

George Clinical was involved in steering committee management for the studies since the beginning of the program. Global scientific leadership from George Clinical participated across the many countries involved in this enormous program and included 51 National Leaders across APAC, Europe and the Americas.

We gathered insights from Zuhaib Baig, Global Project Lead; Dr. Muh Geot Wong, Scientific Leader; Dr. Inna Kolesnyk, Medical Director; Sergio Godoy, Regional Project Manager; and Barbara Williams, Associate Project Manager on the rewards and challenges of working on ASCEND as well as the value of the Scientific Leadership model for this important trial for kidney patients.


What was the most rewarding thing about working on ASCEND?


What was the most challenging thing about working on the ASCEND program?


How did the team keep motivated during such a long study?


How was George Clinical’s Scientific Leadership model critical to ASCEND?



What is the importance of George Clinical’s Scientific Leadership on recruitment and retention?