George Clinical welcomes the decision by the FDA to approve the delivery of CAR-T therapy in a partnership between Methodist Healthcare, and George Clinical Scientific Leader, Dr. Jason Chandler of West Cancer Center. Car-T therapies are at the cutting edge of treatment for a range of cancers. The recent announcement by the FDA, West Cancer Center and Methodist Healthcare works by providing the patients T-Cells with antibodies that are then re-infused back into the patient. The cells then multiply, attacking the cancer cell. Up to 80% of patients see the cancer gone within 30 days.
“This is a momentous outcome from the FDA and it is amazing that the therapy works as we hoped,” Dr. Chandler said. “How the therapy process actually takes T-cells from your own body, changes them, and gives them back so they can recognize and attack cancer cells is amazing.”
“George Clinical is honored to work with scientific leaders such as Dr. Chandler,” Sean Hart, Managing Director USA and Global Head of Late Phase Studies said following the announcement. “With this FDA approval, we will no doubt see the positive impact of revolutionary Car-T therapies and treatments being tested across the country. It is our collaboration with scientific leaders, like Dr. Chandler, that allow us to add leading scientific insights and solutions to our expert service delivery.”
West Cancer Center is a multi-specialty, academic, regional cancer center specializing in adult cancer and blood disorder treatment, research and prevention having treated 37,000 patients across our 13 locations in 2017. As a member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), West Cancer Center is committed to translating cancer science into revolutionary treatment protocols.