Johan Sundström


Johan Sundström is a Professor of Epidemiology at Uppsala University, Conjoint Professor at The George Institute of Global Health, University of New South Wales and a clinical specialist in internal medicine and cardiology at the Department of Cardiology of Uppsala University Hospital. He heads the university’s Clinical Epidemiology research group. Johan’s passion is using big data to create value for patients and populations. He is devoted to developing methods for risk estimation, treatment decisions, and evaluation of treatment effects, risks and costs. In addition to creating data sources such as clinical trials and cohorts, he develops methods for emerging ones such as electronic health records and digital patient-generated data.

He has mainly contributed to the understanding of cardiovascular disease and its risk factors, with a focus on high blood pressure. His work is cited in several international cardiovascular prevention and hypertension guidelines. After a productive post-doctoral year at the Framingham Heart Study, he has mainly investigated the causes and consequences of hypertension. During a most valuable year spent at the George Institute for Global Health at Sydney University, he initiated a series of studies in the Blood Pressure Lowering Treatment Trialists’ Collaboration investigating optimal targeting of blood pressure-lowering treatment.

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