Timothy Pluard, MD


Dr. Pluard’s research is focused on new targeted therapies of breast cancer. He is Medical Director, Saint Luke’s Cancer Institute and Koontz Center for Advanced Breast Cancer, Kansas City, MO. Previously, he was Associate Professor of Medicine and Clinical Director of Breast Oncology at Washington University Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis. He specializes in offering comprehensive care including advanced genomic and immunotherapy treatments to women with metastatic breast cancer and advises patients on participating in clinical trials for leading-edge treatments.

Dr. Pluard leads a team at St. Luke’s Cancer Institute focused on the comprehensive care of women with breast cancer where every woman’s tumor is genetically analyzed to understand what is driving their cancer. He emphasizes the importance of in-depth communication with patients taking a fully holistic approach to their treatment options. With his work at Saint Luke’s, Koontz Center and in clinical trials, Dr. Pluard strives to help define care for all women with advanced breast cancer.

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