The 4th Annual Chronic Kidney Disease Drug Development (CKD3) Summit saw a select group of scientists, clinical researchers and experts from industry and regulatory agencies gathered face-to-face for the first time since the pandemic. Excitement and enthusiasm were evident as these experts networked and collaborated on how the latest scientific research is being applied to the progress of drug development for CKD3. The good news was that despite the pandemic, kidney research has been gaining momentum and is the most robust it has been in decades.

Topics ranged from the use of two-photon microscopy to study what is happening in live kidney tissue in real time, to endpoints, biomarkers and precision medicine to improve therapeutic targeting and clinical trial design. Also explored were strategies for getting faster drug approvals, greater patient engagement in trials and ensuring that drug development is truly addressing the needs of patients globally with a wide spectrum of kidney diseases. The Summit demonstrated that kidney research is being guided by a passionate group of global experts who are making it possible for clinical nephrology practice to see radical and beneficial changes in the near future.

George Clinical was well represented at the Summit by CMO Maria Ali and Scientific Leader Roberto Pecoits Filho and also with a booth. Excellent discussions were held on developing strategies to make kidney trials more inclusive of global populations and on streamlining and creating efficiencies as well as supporting capacity development and engagement for kidney trials.

CKD3 Summit

Kathy McKenna, Maria Ali, Gail Frey