George Clinical provides clinical trial management services in Korea through our partner – LSK Global Pharma Services. LSK is a full service Korean CRO established in 2000 and considered one of the most established CROs in Korea. Its experience spans almost 600 projects, with approximately 70 of them being US IND studies. LSK is currently supporting two of George Clinical’s global US-IND studies with excellent results.

With the George Clinical-LSK project team, our teams are integrated under a central structure, directed by our global project managers with support and oversight from our QC and QA team. LSK leads the local study in Korea with their dedicated team of project managers and CRAs.

LSK was selected as our partner for their full service capability, their local knowledge, regulatory and site relationships, and their commitment to global compliance and processes.

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Their teams are experienced in working on global studies and are used to working in English. LSK’s in depth knowledge and experience of Korea is especially important as there are still many aspects of Korean clinical trial management that require a different approach compared with the rest of the world. Our partnership with LSK means that together, George Clinical and LSK have operational reach in South Korea, China, Taiwan, South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

South Korea has population of over 50 million people and a pharmaceutical market valued close to USD20 billion. There are many government and industrial initiatives to develop South Korea’s medical research capability and as such, excellent infrastructure and incentives are available. Indeed, South Korea is recognized as one of the Asian hubs of medical research. It currently ranks within the top 20 countries globally for the highest number of clinical trials.