Based on its recent analysis of the Asia-Pacific clinical contract research organization (CRO) industry, Frost & Sullivan recognizes George Clinical with the 2021 Asia-Pacific Competitive Strategy Leadership Award. As a leading APAC Clinical CRO company, George Clinical formulates solutions with innovation and scientific leadership to produce high-quality outcomes and maintain growth in the evolving CRO market. The company uses Protocol First, 4G Clinical, and clinical information technology solution vendors to compete effectively with other CROs without significant investments. These vendors enable efficient and proactive clinical trial execution.

George Clinical’s DARE-19 Trial, an APAC study, was able to achieve efficiency throughout by using dapagliflozin for respiratory failure in COVID-19 patients. AstraZeneca sponsored the trial, which involved hospitalized adult patients from countries where COVID-19 is prevalent, such as India. The DARE-19 trial leveraged the company’s partnership with Protocol First for remote patient monitoring and recruitment.

According to Azza Fazar, a Best Practices Research Associate at Frost & Sullivan, “This remarkable achievement is a first in clinical trials through George Clinical’s strategic decision-making. DARE-19 proves the company’s capabilities in mitigating the pandemic’s impact. Its scientific leaders ensure best policies and practices and, most importantly, strengthen its trials’ high scientific caliber reputation.”

“The ability to rapidly start and execute this study during the midst of a major global pandemic is a credit to the entire cross-functional project team,” stated George Clinical Chief Business Officer, Sean Hart. “In a month, we broke down barriers to go from concept to our first patient in the trial, and the team displayed extraordinary commitment needed to successfully manage this research during this pandemic personally and professionally.”

Unmesh Lal, a Healthcare and Life Sciences Director at Frost & Sullivan, added that “George Clinical proves its ability to conduct virtual clinical trials through the DARE-19 study, such as with the dapagliflozin use for respiratory failure in COVID-19 patients, executed remotely through Protocol First.

Furthermore, George Clinical’s visionary implementation of the Global Kidney Patients Trials Network (GKPTN) accelerates kidney and oncology recruitment in more than 10 countries in the APAC region and brings in more trial-ready patients with kidney disease, a first in the CRO space. The trials network allows continuous and long-term data collection from a readily available patient pool for future treatment and various intervention pathways. Patients with kidney disease now have rapid and improved access to trials through GKPTN. Moreover, GKPTN enhances patient outcomes by hosting embedded trials with novel designs to test multiple agents efficiently, compared to traditional approaches. The network demonstrates cost reductions through efficient recruitment and top-notch operational synergies.

George Clinical delivers groundbreaking strategies and outcomes in oncology clinical trials through its leading scientific network. Dr. Maria Ali, chief medical officer at George Clinical, is spearheading a partnership with Omico Group, a government-funded Australian genomic profiling registry, to expand the company’s oncology expertise. With the help of Omico Group, George Clinical can profile patients in biomarker-dependent therapeutic trials, enabling cancer mutational circuitry mapping and contributing to the evolution of oncology trials. This effort ensures cancer-specific patient recruitment for the correct studies relevant to patients’ treatment needs, thus accelerating trial enrollment.

Frost & Sullivan believes that George Clinical’s 20% growth from 2020 to 2021 is evidence of overcoming the pandemic strains and effectively running trials with the new contactless normal.”

Feedback from partnerships with large pharmaceutical firms has helped George Clinical refine its clinical trial execution progressively, contributing to its steady growth. With its strong focus on scientific leadership and strategic excellence, George Clinical earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2021 APAC Competitive Strategy Leadership Award in the clinical CRO market.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has leveraged competitive intelligence to execute a strategy successfully that results in stronger market share, competitive brand positioning, and customer satisfaction. Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards recognize companies in various regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analyses, and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry.