SYDNEY, June 15, 2021 – George Clinical, a global scientifically-backed clinical research organization, and Omico, an Australian-based not-for-profit national precision oncology platform, have aligned to revolutionize oncology clinical trial access for patients and improve the efficiency of study enrollment. The two organizations began collaborating in late 2020 and announced the joint effort during the 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting. 

“Helping clinicians and cancer centers target the right patients for the right clinical trials will not only accelerate study enrollment, it will help patients get quicker access to the studies most relevant to their treatment needs,” stated Chief Medical Officer Maria Ali. “We are excited this novel relationship with Omico can be a game-changer for sponsors globally and patients locally.” 

Genomic profiling is changing cancer medicine, enabling mapping of the mutational circuitry of cancers. Dozens of highly effective therapies have changed treatment options for many cancers and have received regulatory approval. This evolution has driven the development of large-scale genomic profiling programs linked to biomarker-dependent therapeutic trials.

In Australia, a national precision oncology platform to enable large-scale genomic screening of cancer patients has been developed through the innovative work of Omico. The George Clinical collaboration with Omico looks to harness the paradigm-shifting potential of this platform to change the way oncology trials are conducted in Australia.

“There are major economic and logistic challenges to unlocking the potential of precision oncology for cancer patients,” stated Professor David Thomas, CEO of Omico and Head of the Genomic Cancer Medicine Laboratory at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. “In the era of biomarker-dependent drug development, novel and more efficient approaches to genomic profiling have the potential to revolutionize clinical trial access for both patients and clinicians. These major operational barriers faced by oncology trials will be overcome through the collaboration between the Omico platform and a global CRO like George Clinical,” said Thomas. 


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