As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, George Clinical India in collaboration with Trinity Care Foundation (an NGO) intends to distribute Hearing Aids for Hearing Impaired Children & Assistive Aids for Children with Disabilities from the marginalized sections of the community.

Hearing loss can affect a child’s ability to develop communication, language, and social skills The earlier children with hearing loss start getting intervention services, the more likely they are to reach their full potential. The impact of hearing loss can affect a student’s ability to learn and may find the acoustics in a classroom challenging and experience problems with literacy. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, there are four major ways that hearing loss can affect children:

  • It causes delays in speech and language skills
  • The language deficit results in lower academic achievement
  • Communication difficulties lead to social isolation and poor self-concept
  • It may have an impact on vocational choices

Similarly, mobility is very important for the cognitive and psychosocial development of children. Assistive devices such as wheelchairs can provide independent mobility, allowing children to explore their environment.

As part of the project, Hearing & Speech screenings as well as awareness programmes would be conducted. At least 45 school students from the rural districts of Ramanagara and Magadi of Karnataka are expected to benefit from this. This project is expected to address the unmet need for early diagnosis and intervention for patients with hearing/physical disability, and also route patients from the Government Higher Health Centres/Schools, thereby ensuring accurate diagnosis and timely treatment, ultimately improving patient outcomes.