BEIJING – October 15, 2016 – George Clinical welcomes the establishment of the Heart Health Research Center, a collaborative initiative developed by Cardio Union, an emerging multi-disciplinary healthcare organization and George Clinical’s partner in research, The George Institute for Global Health.  The Heart Health Research Center (HHRC) will help to address the growing burden of cardiovascular disease in China and around the world. The new business entity will deliver high quality research to Chinese organization that cater for patients at a high risk of cardiovascular disease.

China has one of the highest cardiovascular disease death rates in the world – it is estimated that one in five adults has some form of cardiovascular disease in China.

“This partnership will provide China with important new scientific information about the causes, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of premature death in the Chinese population.  In particular our focus will be on the management of irregular heartbeat, heart attacks, heart failure and stroke which affect tens of millions of Chinese people,” Professor Stephen MacMahon, Principal Director of The George Institute said. “[The Heart Health Research Center] will pair excellence in health care with excellence in medical research.”

The Heart Health Research Center’s key priorities are to:

  • Provide high quality research services in the field of cardiovascular disease;
  • Assist doctors, researchers and industry to obtain grants, design protocols, undertake research to the highest standards, and publish results in high-impact journals;
  • Integrate the best evidence into service delivery models for patients at a high risk of Cardiovascular disease;
  • Promote better prevention and management of cardiovascular disease in China through multi-center randomised controlled trials, disease registries, and community surveillance studies;
  • Provide training and capacity building activities in research methods, analysis and technical report writing.

George Clinical works closely with the George Institute in China, providing a full range of trial delivery services to support these important clinical research initiatives.

George Clinical, China welcomes the opportunity to contribute to this exciting venture by providing our operational expertise to studies carried out under the auspices of the HHRC,” Philip Gregory, Managing Director of George Clinical, China said. “Our engagement with the HHRC will continue to grow George Clinical’s already robust cardiovascular research network and allow the venture to access project and data management services of the highest quality. We look forward to the HHRC transforming the way people at risk of cardiovascular disease are treated both in China and around the world.”  

These sentiments were echoed by Dr Marisa Petersen, Chief Executive Officer of George Clinical.   

“George Clinical welcomes the establishment of the HHRC; a fantastic initiative that brings together clinical and scientific leadership and research strength in an area of critical need. We will be proud to support this initiative through our operational trial delivery services.”

 Stephen HHRC

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About Cardio Union

Cardio Union was co-founded by multiple Chinese well-known cardiologists in June 2015. It has developed into an all-round emerging healthcare industry including tele-medicine, entity medicine, teaching and research, diseases management and academic communication. And become a leading healthcare organization which focuses on the prevention and treatment of cardiology diseases. With the rapid development of Cardio Union, its expert team is also expanding. At present, 388 national cardiovascular disease experts have officially signed up as core experts of Cardio Union, 316 of them are chief physicians and professors; 72 of them are deputy chief physicians and associate professors. The network covers 30 provinces and 68 major cities, and engaged in 28 medical centers.

We hope that, based on our expert resources and the complete line of Internet products, through Cardio Union and its subsidiaries, provide a high level of medical care, teaching and research, academic and technology support to hospitals, doctors, patients, Medical & Device manufacturers and strategic partners, Cardio Union will become a large-scale, influential and branded cardiovascular specialist medical service institution.