IBM recently highlighted the success George Clinical has enjoyed over the past several years leveraging the firm as a data, analytics and technology partner. The white paper, “Achieving Healthy CRO Growth Through Agility” was published with input from George Clinical Head of Data Management, Ullas Arabhavi.

The paper describes how nearly a decade ago, the George Institute for Global Health was working on several key research projects that required external assistance. “These projects included endpoint adjudication involving thousands of research subjects. The Institute asked IBM to help build databases for these projects. IBM also trained staff on how to use the IBM® Clinical Development solution, a clinical data management system from IBM Watson Health® that enables users to organize and analyze report data from anywhere in the world.”

George Clinical has come to leverage IBM tools and services at an advantageous time while the organization has been riding a growth curve of clinical research studies throughout the Asia-Pacific region and across therapeutic areas including oncology and kidney and metabolic disease.

“IBM Clinical Development is helping us expand into new markets and support clinical trials in rapidly growing fields such as oncology,” says Arabhavi. “Addressing protocol amendments leading to mid-study updates that are typical with oncology studies is never easy. However, IBM has given us the ability to handle these changes efficiently.”

Read the full white paper here.