As the world stops to celebrate and reflect on International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, George Clinical is proud to play their part in #beboldforchange. Traditionally the commercial research sector has a larger proportion of female practitioners than men. Indeed, at George Clinical, the proportion female to men at 158:73 and with a female to men ratio of senior leadership at 7:4, George Clinical is playing a significant role in leading the way to promotion based on achievement rather than on gender.

“I do not feel that I have managed to get to where I am due to, or in spite of, my gender,” George Clinical CEO Dr Marisa Petersen said. “I feel that I have worked very hard at developing my career and made the most of the opportunities that were presented to me throughout it. I believe in supporting and nurturing talent, regardless of gender. At George Clinical we support our staff so that they are able to achieve in the best interests of their career and their organisation, despite the hurdles life puts in your way.”

George Clinical promotes a flexible work environment, where staff, regardless of gender, are provided with a certain level of flexibility in order to make the most of their time, so that they are working smarter and not harder. With the fast integration and adoption of telecommunication technologies such as Skype for Business and cloud-based systems such as Sharepoint, George Clinical encourages their global staff to work in the environment and capacity that works best for them.

“George Clinical understands that life sometimes puts up barriers to full engagement in the physical workplace – health, family etcetera – we encourage our staff to embrace flexible working, so that they are able to juggle the many challenges that come with juggling a successful career and a family (for example). We are also based in 12 countries around the world – some of those countries in a few disparate locations. In order for us to fully embrace the diversity of our investigator networks, we need our staff on the ground and connected.”

As a leading clinical research organisation in the Asia-Pacific, George Clinical is proud to #beboldforchange and embrace a diverse and globally focussed workforce. With that, comes an acceptance that the traditional model of nine-to-five sitting behind the same desk, is not the answer to a diverse and accepting work culture. George Clinical are immensely proud of the gender equity metrics throughout our global organisation – with that they wish to secure the best talent and with that it means embrace them under the best conditions possible.

George Clinical is a leading clinical research organisation in the Asia-Pacific region with over 260 staff operating in 15 countires. George Clinical provides a full range of trial management services to pharmaceutical and biotech customers, for both registration and post marketing trials. Our partner in research, The George Institute, is a leader in chronic disease research with a global network of experts. George Clinical combines this scientific and clinical leadership from the Institute with world class trial delivery capability to create a distinctive service.