George Clinical Represented at AusBiotech 2022 Conference in Perth.

Australia is a world-leading location for the life sciences and has been ranked among the top five in biotechnology innovation for the third consecutive year. AusBiotech is Australia’s life sciences organization, working on behalf of a well-connected network of over 3,000 members for more than 35 years to strengthen relationships across and within the biotechnology industry, with particular emphasis on fostering connections between industry, investors and innovators. AusBiotech also advocates on behalf of the life sciences to ensure that public policy nurtures the sector and innovation more broadly.

George Clinical, a major CRO in Australia and the APAC region, is headquartered in Sydney. We have considerable experience managing a variety of studies undertaken in the excellent Phase I Units and Phase I capable sites in Australia utilizing the streamlined regulatory notification scheme and advising on the generous tax refund available for R&D activities. We also offer clients tailored solutions extending throughout the entire APAC region.

We were represented at the recent AusBiotech Conference in Perth, Western Australia by Gillian Ryan, Director, Medical Services & Global Head Early Phase Strategy and Elisabeth Yunarko, Business Development Director. They appreciated the opportunity to network and collaborate face-to-face with key players in the biotech field.

This year’s AusBiotech had a large focus on cell therapies and the buildup of capabilities in the APAC region for the management of activities involving their use — from concept development through manufacturing of the therapy and the engagement of the appropriately qualified stakeholders to deliver those activities.

The potential of mRNA technologies for new therapeutics was also discussed. The success of mRNA COVID vaccines has heralded a new exciting era in development of vaccines and treatments, from infectious disease prevention to chronic disease and cancer treatments. The panel discussed the opportunities mRNA technologies provide in disease targets and in speed and cost of manufacture, as well as how to overcome obstacles to take full advantage of what mRNA technology has to offer.

Sharing the spotlight were rapid advancements in technology, including AI, as these are quickly becoming integral in supporting participant recruitment and enrollment as well as trial data collection and systems management. George Clinical continues to expand our network of vendors that will improve the quality of data collected, the ease of trial conduct and the reporting of results for our sponsors. As larger amounts of data are generated in trials and from patients through electronic technology, it is important to capture, assimilate and analyze the data with ever-more efficient and secure methods.

Elisabeth Yunarko, George Clinical Business Development Director
and Gillian Ryan, George Clinical Director, Medical Services & Global Head Early Phase Strategy

Another aspect of technology is the utilization of social media in a more advanced and targeted way to give patients and their caregivers more information and easier access to upcoming clinical trials. Researchers are beginning to use social media to engage with people in a non-conventional way to advertise and advise on research opportunities. This ultimately opens clinical trials to a more diverse population from broader geographical areas. It is also especially effective when seeking to recruit patients such as those with dementia whose caregivers are integral to their well being and in their healthcare decisions.

AusBiotech attracts professionals from all over the APAC region giving Gillian and Elisabeth the ability to confer with delegations from China, Taiwan, South Korea and other APAC locations. They met with every level of clinical trial personnel from executive managers to those responsible for the day-to-day conduct of trials. The functions of all of these are critical to trial success and we value our growing relationships with these experts from the region. In all, George Clinical met with commercial sponsors, vendors, project managers, researchers, academic representatives and data managers, as well as officials from Australian government and regulatory agents.

AusBiotech is helping key players build the relationships and partnerships that will best support sponsors seeking to conduct trials in these valuable new advancements that will shape the future of global medicine and the ability to treat the chronic diseases that affect so many millions.

George Clinical has decades of experience in APAC and in navigating the clinical research and cultural landscapes of the region. We strongly support the goal of early phase research to avail a wide range of patients new drugs and technologies to alleviate their burdens and improve their quality of life. These valuable networking events help us improve George Clinical’s global reach and expertise to better serve our clients and the future of medicine.